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As the bobbin turns…

Or doesn’t in my case!!

I want to learn to spin yarn, however I don’t want to spend money on a new spinning wheel yet. I have an old one that my DH ‘s granddad made years ago. The youtube videos I watched helped me to understand the basics of the wheel. 

After feeling a bit confident, I jumped in and gave it a “whorl” lol. Anyway, my bobbin won’t spin unless the wheel is going counter-clockwise. Hmmm. Not sure what that’s all about, but I may need to take it apart and clean it. It’s been sitting in a dusty old workshop for at least 35 years. ​

As you can see in the pictures, it’s weathered and could use some refurbishing. I tied some commercial yarn to the lead but the bobbin wouldn’t spin. Are there any seasoned spinners out there?  I sure would appreciate any comments or suggestions you could give. Thanks!  ​


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