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Fabric Stash Under Control

Hello again!

Well, I’ve finally got my fabric and yarn stash under control. Whew! I had accumulated so much over the years that I had several totes full. Yep. Not those pretty little clear totes either. Those big industrialized-looking gray totes! They were all stacked and lined up against my wall covered with a large tablecloth. (ugh!) I had to dig and hunt for my fabric or yarn whenever I wanted to do a project!

My yarn is now stored in smaller totes and neatly stacked in the area between my desk and the wall. (I’m holding a rolling tote filled with yarn to give to my sister on her next visit)

After I went through my fabric, I narrowed it down to keep three totes. I happily gave the rest to family and friends. I also gave a huge bag to donation. I sorted the remainder of my fabric and put it on mini-bolts, and finally into the book-case where I actually could see it. (yay!)

I rolled 1/2 yd or less fabrics into tight bundles and stored them in small clear plastic totes in my drawers. I also ended up with one medium tote size bag of scraps that I couldn’t part with.

Honestly, I thought it would be so hard to part with my fabrics, trims, and craft supplies. Instead, I felt a sense of relief in knowing my room is organized and that I’m able to work in an uncluttered space. I still have a few pieces of apparel fabric to organize as well as finding a spot for my  batting, wonder-under, trims, ribbons etc.

I’ll be back with more updates.

What ideas or tips do you have for storing your craft or sewing items?

I’d love to hear them!

​I’ll post my projects and tutorials on my new pages. If your interested, please follow them.

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