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You’ve just stumbled on to my first post. I’m struggling to create because the truth is… it’s been so sticky hot the last few days. I’ve taken a little break from crafting the past two days. But, I guess that gives me time to show you all what I’m working on. 12548886_1544987362484003_4906689020289566029_n10584081_1544987379150668_5748473681278921754_n I hope to have this sweater done by Fall. Um, this Fall…lol.

I love the color and  I found my yarn at

It’s Paton’s Classic Wool yarn in Natural Mix.


Also, I’m organizing my fabric on to small bolts, so I can store them in a book case instead of totes. I’m cutting panels out of the large sized Priority boxes. I can get 12 panels from each box! Plus, I have wrapped up to 5 yards on a bolt with no problem. For fat quarters and less I cut the panels in half.


Let’s see, I think the last art piece I completed was in May 2016. It’s a portrait of my granddaughter in charcoal. I made it as a gift for my son and daughter-in-law.20160513_163839_resized

My next portrait of will be of my youngest grandson. I’ll post when it’s complete.

I’d like to say thanks for stopping and viewing my site. See you next time!



14 thoughts on “Projects

  1. That is so smart to cut panels out of cardboard boxes to organize your fabric around! I’ve just recently started sewing (but you know… have a few extra yards of fabric) and I never would’ve thought to do that!

    Also that cardigan you’re working on looks gorgeous! Fingers crossed you finish by the fall!

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